Typical Dances

Marinera Norteña

The Marinera in the north is agile, elegant, cheerful and spontaneous, which the lady flirts with Picardy expressing her affectivity, while the male galantea conquering to her partner.
Disseminated in the department of Lambayeque, La Libertad, Piura and others.





The Huaylarsh

Movements very lively and stompers peculiar. It is danced in groups of couples who take turns to perform different movement and steps. It relates with the harvest and agricultural jobs.
Disseminated at the south of Huancayo.





The Diablada Puneña

Known since the colonial time as dance of the devils in Perú. Composed by the angel and the devil as the main characters and accompanied by chinese devils, diablesas, devils that dances in teams from 30 to 50 members.
Diffused in the region of Puno.





Ancient dance of the boa

Clearly ritual dance where highlights the presence of live snakes on the scene as  the Boa. Music is a moved typical Amazon and it dances at the sound of the quenilla, drum, bass drum, manguare and maraca. 
Diffused in the higher and lower Ucayali.





The Alcatraz

The man and woman carry on the back of the waist a cloth, a piece of paper or something similar; the man with a flaming candle tries to turn on the ¨cucurucho¨ while the woman dances moving her hips.

Diffused specially in Lima and Ica.



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