Marcahuasi Plateau

It is said that its amphitheatre surrounded by huge rock walls, is a kind of airport that receives visitors from other worlds.
Located in the highlands of Lima, in the province of Huarochirí.





Huaringas lagoons

Must access accompanied by witches whose icy waters have  healing properties.
Located in the province of Huancabamba (Piura)






Nazca Lines

Some believes it is a giant astronomical calendar and others say that the aliens had visited the earth and attributed the lines to its followers.
Located on the pampas of Palpa and Nazca, at the south of Lima.





Ayahuasca Ritual

Share with the Shaman ceremony of Ayahuasca ( hallucinogenic brew) effective therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety as well us the problems of personality and schizophrenia.
Situated in the city of Iquitos.




Dessert of Chilca

Testimonies of flying saucers and the possible existence of an alien base. Some fishermen claim to have seen strange lights that emerge from the sea in the early morning hours. It is located south of the province of Cañete.





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