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Gold and weapon World Museum

It has one of the largest collections of gold, silver and metallurgy pre-hispanic times. It preserves the sword of Francisco Pizarro. Its weapons collection is one of the most varied of the world.
Located in the district of Monterrico, department of Lima.





Mineral Museum – Andrés del Castillo

It exhibits a collection that consists exclusively of crystallized minerals ranging from miniatures, specimens of cabinet, to museum pieces of extraordinary quality.
Located in the center of Lima, department of Lima.





Peru dinosaurs– National Museum of Chavín de Huantar

It broadcasts at the national level the discovery of the fossilized tracks of dinosaurs which were found in the surrounding area of the road through research made in the three last years with the project of Paleontology at Antamina- Ancash Association.
Located in the province of Huari, department of Ancash





National Museum

Stand out more than 12 500 pre hispanic pieces like collections of potteries, metals and textiles of the Paracas culture, Moche, Wari, Lima and more than 2 500 historical pieces of art from the colonial and republican period.
Located in the district of San Borja, Lima department.





Rafael Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum

It displays a fine collection of gold and silver from ancient Perú, erotic art, 45 000 archaeological objects and pieces of potteries, gold work and textiles.
Located in the district of Pueblo Libre, Lima department.




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