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Gold Mine in current exploration and production for those interested in the issue of an artisanal mining that takes place in Nazca, as outbound tourism in general.






Maras Salt

Formed for more than 3000 shafts where the salt is extracted. Its situated on the side of the Qaqawiñay mountain, he so-called Incas Sacred Valley. From prehistoric times, it got the salty water that emanates from several underground streams and subsequently it put in shafts for the evaporation and got the salt like residue.




Yanacocha Mine

Yanacocha is the gold mine more biggest of south America. Its activity its develops in four basins: Deep depression, Chonta, Porcón and Rejo river.
It is located at 45 kilometers north of Cajamarca district between 3500 and 4100 meters above sea level.




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