Hot Springs Tours

Inca Hot springs

Hot springs of temperatures in excess of 70 degree centigrade ( 158 degree Fahrenheit). The minerals which it compose, has therapeutics properties for the treatment of disease in the bones and nervous system.
Situated at 6 kilometres to the east of Cajamarca city.





The Calera

Waters coming from the Cotallumi Volcano, with temperature around 80 degree centigrade to 85 degree centigrade but can reach 38 degree centigrade. It has healing effects of diverse illness, especially rheumatism and others related to the muscles and skin. Located at 15 minutes from Chivay in the department of Arequipa.





Monterrey Hot Spring

Its  waters reach a temperature of 49 degree centigrade and are prescribed for the relaxation, to combat the rheumatic, nervous conditions and paralysis among others.
Located at 7 kilometers from the city of Huaraz.





Churin Hot Springs

The hot springs have temperatures which ranges between 28 and 35 degree centigrade’s. It is considered that have beneficial properties for patients with  asthma, diabetes and chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis.
Located in the province of Oyón, in the department of Lima.





Cachicadán Hot Springs

The Cachicadán hot springs flows from a granitic crack at the foot of the Angolo hill with a temperature which ranges between 68 degree centigrade’s and 73 degree centigrade’s. It also has beneficial effects for the gastrointestinal system, overall in the spasmodic disorders.
Located in the Santiago de Chuco province, at the east of Trujillo city.



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