Peruvian ceviche

Traditional dish of wide consumption and highly value. Consists of pieces of fish, onion and lemon juice, chili and salt. It can add other ingredients such as red onion (purple) in juliana, chopped cilantro, corn and celery.





Pisco Sour

It is a cocktail made with pisco and lemon juice with several aggregates. The antecedent of the drink is placed in the viceroyalty of Perú where it would mix the pisco with lemon around the eighteenth century.






Peruvian dish which consists of beef marinated in a special seasoning with panca chilli which is skewered on a stick of cane and cooked on the grill. It is considered as one of the most popular and typical of the Peruvian gastronomy.





The Picarones

Picarones are a Peruvian dessert in shape of rings, made with a dough of wheat flour which are mixed with pumpkin and sometimes sweet potatoe and covered in chancaca.





The Pachamanca

Peruvian typical dish based in cooking, the heat of stones pre-warmed, of beef, pork, chicken and guinea pig which are previously marinated with spices as well as andean products like potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava eventually.




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