Mangrove National Sanctuary

Formed by mangroves forest and xerophytic vegetations, with hipersaline pampas and sand banks. Sample of ecosystem and fauna that inhabit there.
Located in the Tumbes department, province of Zarumilla.





Cerros de Amotape National Reserve

Formed by many species of the Amazonian flora and its high fauna biodiversity.
Located in the northern part of Piura and southern end of Tumbes.





Huascaran National Reserve

Marked by deep canyons, the park is a flora and fauna Paradise, pre-columbians ruins, glaciers, lagoons and rivers.
Located on the Blanca mountain chain, in the central highlands of Perú, in the Ancash region.





Paracas National Reserve

Habitat for aquatic species, guano birds,  phytoplankton, seaweeds, geoglyph and rock formations.

Located in the more deserted points of the Peruvian coast, in Ica department, in the Pacif Ocean.




Tambopata Candamo National Reserve

World records in flora and fauna of the region : 545 birds species in only 5 500 has, 1122 butterflies species, 151 species of dragonflies and 29 tiger beetles.
Located in the Madre de Dios department.




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