Community Tours

Asháninka community

The Asháninka community, constitutes the most important native group in the Amazon where you will know their family life, clothes, housing, crafts, the use of medicinal plants and more.
Located in the province of Satipo, department of Junín.





Yanesha community

This group lives in harmony with their environment and know the secrets of the forest, imitate the singing of the birds and the roar of the jaguar when they go hunting.
Located in the Yanachaga mountain chain, Oxapampa, Pasco.





Native community of Uros.

The men of this floating community claims to be the owners of the waters of Titicaca Lake. They maintain the tradition of the handmade fishing and construction of the Totora rafts.
Located at 6 kilometers from the port of Puno.





The Matsinguenga community

Based its economy on agriculture, supplemented by fishing, hunting, gathering and with the manufacture of handicrafts (small-scale)
Located in the province of Convención, Cuzco department.





The Lamas community

The lamas natives are of Andes origin and quechua speaker. Their clothes are made by themselves and dyed with natural dyes or fruits also their food is based on what nature produces.
Located at 22 kilometers from Tarapoto, in the Lamas city.




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