Tourist Programs

We offer tours to the more interesting Tourist attractions of Perú according to their importance.



Chavín de Huántar

Magical religious center, with stone walls and pyramidal structures.
Located in the district of Chavin de Huantar, Ancash department.






Machu Picchu

¨The Lost city of the Incas¨ Declared as one of the wonders of the World on 07 July of 2007.

Located at 130 Kilometers to the west North of Cuzco, in the province of Urubamba.




Complejo Arqueológicos de Vilcashuamán, ¨HalcónSagrado¨

Important Inca settlement which is located in Ayacucho department, to the  south of Perú.





Chan Chan Ancient Mud City

The biggest mud city of antiquity. Declarated like Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco in 1986.
Located in the Region of Liberty, on the north coast of Perú.





Otuzco Windows

Enigmatic rock niches, carved in the walls of the hill.
Located at 8 kilometers north of the Cajamarca city.a.





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