Hotels 3 ***

Andino Club

It has 41 rooms, Room service, hot water, private bath / shower, safe, laundry, TV / Cable, telephone, heating, etc.
It is located in the city of Huaraz, Ancash department.





Colca Lodge

It has 45 rooms, hot springs, eco-spa, restaurants, bars, internet, nursing, room service, etc.
Located on the Colca Valley, Arequipa





Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto

It has 2 swimming pools, air greens, restaurant  bar, room service, internet, parking, direct access to the beach, games table, water sports, laundry, bungalows, etc.
Located in Tarapoto, San Martin department.





Presidente Huancayo

It counts with 80 rooms, meeting and conference rooms, parking, restaurant, bar, Internet, cable TV, room service, laundry, etc..
Located in Huancayo, Junin.





El Angolo de Chosica

It has 36 rooms, 2 conference rooms, 2 pools, spa with jacuzzi and sauna, bar, Karaoke, Restaurant, games, etc.
Located in Chosica, department of Lima.




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